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The FADROMA LK4 mining loaders familiy was designed for medium to large size mining operations. These machines can be used primarily for cutting, loading and hauling of output in underground and surface mines as well as in mines development and for underground tunneling. Low profile versions are also available for low deposits mining. Mining loaders of FADROMA LK4 family perfectly co-operate with medium to large underground haulage trucks.
LK4C Specifications:
Technical data
Diesel engine Deutz fluid cooled Tier III engines output up to 209 kW
Transmission Dana SOH gearbox + torque converter
Axles Dana SOH
Tyres 20.50x25 / 23.50x25
Cabin Capsule, 1 sit, ROPS/FOPS
Operating Data
Driving speed max. 27 km/h
Breakout force - tilt 211 kN
Breakout force - lift 200 kN
Bucket capacity 5 m3
Bucket load 110 kN
Operating weight 30 000 kg
LK4C Dimensions:
LK4Cim1.png LK4Cim2.png