Underground utility vehicles
Underground utility vehicles :
SWR101K.pngFADROMA Development offers a wide range of dedicated underground vehicles based on the mining loaders carriers. This approach proves to be a big advantage to a customer who can operate a fleet of various supporting machines which are based on the same design and components as mining loaders used in the mine. This way significant reduction in service and operating costs can be achieved.

The customer can choose from  broad range of utility vehicles designed for specific applications i.e. transporting materials, personnel, explosives, fuel and lubes; vehicles for  explosives charging; multipurpose service vehicles equipped with hydraulic lifting equipment, cranes, welders, air compressors, heavy wheelers changing equipment etc. FADROMA development manufactures also specialised utility vehicles  based on carriers specifically designed for multipurpose underground machines. The range of possible applications is similar as for the vehicles based on mining loaders carriers. The SWT-07 and SWR-07 series vehicles are most suitable for any hauling tasks (i.e. fuel and lubrication, personnel or material transport) and also for lifting and installation works.

Available Types:
NameLoad capacityOperating weightDriving speed
SWT-07 & SWR-07 8 500 kg 9 000 kg max. 30 km/h
SWT-101 & SWR-101 8 500 kg 11 500 kg max. 35 km/h
SWR-201S 8 500 kg 11 500 kg max. 35 km/h