SWT-101 & SWR-101
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FADROMA SWT-101 and SWR-101 family of underground mining utility vehicles provides a unique combination of features characteristic for heavy duty underground mining loaders and typical utility vehicles.

The universal carrier for all vehicles from SWT-101 and SWR-101 family is based on a proven and reliable FADROMA LK1 mining loader. AS a result both traction parameters (ground clearance, climbing ability) and thrust are better for these machines compared to majority of typical underground mining utility vehicles. Therefore such machines can be used in the most difficult areas of underground tunnels providing high mobility even in extreme ground conditions and on high slopes.

Moreover since tractors in machines of SWT-101 and SWR-101 family are basically the same as in mining loaders LK1, very high level of standardization has been achieved for parts and components, simplifying and speeding up work of mine service units. Parts interchangeability provides for lower spare stock levels and better parts availability for service personnel as well as easier and faster maintenance and repair works. This allows for increased savings in machine operating costs due to significantly reduced downtimes and lower investment costs.

FADROMA offers a broad range of SWT-101 and SWR-101 underground mining utility vehicles. Possible applications include: explosives carriers and explosives charging vehicles, maintenance service vehicles, personnel carriers, transport and service vehicles, wheel changing vehicles etc.

All machines can be equipped with Tier III engines and are available in CE certified versions.
SWT-101 & SWR-101 Carrier Specifications:
Technical data
Diesel engine Deutz air cooled / fluid cooled Tier II / Tier III engines output up to 118 kW
Transmission Falubaz-ZHS / Dana SOH / ZF
Axles FON-Carraro / Hurth/ ZF
Tyres 14.00x24
Cabin Canopy, 1 sit, ROPS/FOPS
Operating Data
Driving speed max 35 km/h
Load capacity 8 500 kg
Operating weight 11 500 kg
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SW-101 Carrier all-purpose
SWT-101M explosives transportation
SWR-101M explosives charging
SWT-101P maintenance
SWT-101L personnel transportation
SWT-101R service and transport
SWR-101K wheel changing
other variants as needed
SWT-101 & SWR-101 Carrier:
SW101CARim1.png SW101CARim2.png
SW101CARim3.png The universal SW-101 heavy duty, robust, diesel powered, four wheel driven carrier with articulated frame provides a unique platform for entire SWT-101 and SWR-101 mining utility vehicles range.
SWT101Mim1.png SWT101Mim2.png
SWT101Mim3.png The explosives carrier designed for transporting solid explosives and personnel, with personnel compartment for 4 people and safe explosives compartment with a seperate fuse box.
SWR101Mim1.png SWR101Mim2.png
SWR101Mim3.png The explosives charging vehicle equipped with the ANFO system, a hydraulically controlled boom with basket and hydraulically powered air compressor.
SWT101Pim1.png SWT101Pim2.png
SWT101Pim3.png The maintenance service vehicle with 2-6 diesel and oil tanks, a grease container, pumps with nozzles for diesel and oils, a suction unit for used oil and a grease gun.
SWT101Lim1.png SWT101Lim2.png
SWT101Lim3.png The personnel carrier designed for transporting up to 23 people. Both the personnel compartment and the operator's cabin are FOPS and ROPS certified for maximum safety.
SWT101Rim1.png SWT101Rim2.png
SWT101Rim3.png The transport and service vehicle equipped with loading platform for cargo, personnel compartment for 4 people, hydraulic crane, hydraulically powered welder and air compressor.
SWR101Kim1.png SWR101Kim2.png
SWR101Kim3.png The wheel changing vehicle designed for safe changing of large size and heavy wheels (diameters from 1100 mm up to 2050 mm, weight up to 1300 kg) in underground tunnels. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic boom, sophisticated wheel grasper, air compressor, pneumatic lifting bags for broken machine lifting (up to 67000 kg), loading platform for wheel transportation and additional cabin for 1 worker (apart from the machine operator).
Other variants:

FADROMA's philosophy is based on the belief that customers are faced with specific requirements due to diverse working conditions and therefore require machines characterized by unique technical specification tailored to their particular needs. FADROMA's aim is to design and supply mining equipment that is maximally tuned to such specific requirements. Below ,we present more examples of various utility vehicles based on SW-101 carrier.

utility vehicle for underground transportation of any cargo
utility vehicle for underground transportation of people and cargo
utility vehicle with lifting platform and hydraulic crane
explosive emulsions charging vehicle
inspection vehicle with boom and basket