Building Loaders
The Fadroma L202 is a construction loader designed for performing of a variety of building tasks. Compared to other construction loaders available on the market L202 is a durable and reliable machine with very high operating parameters for a loader its size. 

L202 Specifications:
Technical data
Diesel engine Deutz air cooled / fluid cooled Tier II / Tier III engines output up to 98 kW  
Transmission ZF   
Axles ZF   
Tyres 17,5x25  
Cabin Closed/ 1 sit, ROPS/FOPS/
optional air conditioning
Operating Data
Driving speed max 39,5 km/h 
Bucket capacity 1 m3 - 3,2 m3 
Load capacity 4 000 kg
Operating weight 11 000 kg 
L202 Dimensions:
imageneeded.png Ł202