Mining Trucks

Mining Truck WK20 is a motor vehicle designed for hauling of output in underground and surface mines.

WK20 is equipped with a air-cooled diesel engine - Deutz F10L413FW - rated at 170 kW at 2300 rpm. Transmission is composed of torque converter C8000 and a gearbox R32000 with a 'lock-up' mode. The vehicle is equipped with 16D axles and tubeless tires R16.00R25. WK20's maximum steering angle is 44°.

Operator's cabin meets the requirements of the "60kJ" safety norm. Sit is placed perpendicularly to the driving direction which results in good forward and backward visibility.

WK20 Specifications:
Technical data
Diesel engine Deutz air cooled engine output up to 170 kW  
Transmission R32000 with a lock-up  
Axles 16D   
Tyres 16.00R25  
Cabin Canopy, 1 sit, ROPS/FOPS
Operating Data
Driving speed max 28.5 km/h(with lock-up), max 26.4 km/h(without lock-up)

SAE Capacity

10 m3
Load capacity 22 000 kg
Operating weight 21 500 kg 
WK20 Dimensions:
WK20sch2.jpg WK20sch1.jpg
Wk20_1small.jpg Wk20_4small.jpg

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